Reflection on an AFP GVSU Collegiate Chapter Panel Discussion

AFP GVSU Collegiate Chapter hosted a panel discussion on November 8, 2017 with local nonprofit professionals. Participating in the panel was: Janice Fonger, Steve Ozinga, Holly Johnson, and Mary Lehman- Panek. These professionals provided insight to various questions that the attendees of the panel discussion had regarding entering into the nonprofit field. The questions asked were: career path, benefits of AFP, possible hurdles, and advice entering into a nonprofit.

A few highlights from these questions were that Steve recommends continuing to build relationships and networking. Mary responded as the biggest hurdle being the availability of jobs and to reach out to the organization you are interested in and ask to speak to the head fundraising person to let them know your interest. The entire panel participates agreed unanimously that experience is more important than continuing your education after graduation. Holly brought up the AFP code of ethics and how important it is and how she uses it in her current job, as a great benefit of being an AFP member.

The last advice was to follow your passion. Janice brought up that passion is important in this field and the business model may not be perfect, but the passion overcomes that. The advice and insight left everyone with helpful and useful information to help with their growth into the nonprofit field.

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