Strategic Plan

Positively impacting our philanthropic community by connecting and educating people and organizations to practice ethical and effective fundraising.

West Michigan has a vibrant, effective, and connected fundraising community that inspires transformational giving.

Core Values
1. Responsiveness
• Focusing on high quality service that is open to new ideas and exceeding expectations of members, shareholders, and communities.

2. Inclusiveness
• Embracing diversity in the fundraising community with a commitment to understanding and addressing unique member needs and ensuring membership benefits are accessible and affordable.

3. Collaboration
• Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with the strong support and partnership of other individuals and groups who share our vision.

4. Integrity
• Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy stewards of our resources.

5. Celebration
• Openly and joyfully celebrating philanthropic actions, individuals, and organizations that positively transform our communities.

Strategic Priorities for 2021 and 2022

1. Membership Development
2. Programming and Education
3. Marketing and Communication
4. Board and Committee Development
5. Financial Stability

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